Chinappi Coat of Arms

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Stemma Di Chinappi

Information provided by Maurizio Chinappi of Rome Italy

Submitted Nov 18 2018 on a Facebook group

This is the Coat of Arms of the Chinappi issued by the Araldica Guelfi in Genova which is considered a very trustworthy Heraldry Research Archive.

The Chinappi’s originate from Lazio Region, hence Gaeta..

The crown indicates they were Nobles.

The Helm that they were Military and the Red Band that they took part in many Campaigns with bloodshed.

The 2 Wine Goblets represent their good wealth as wine was reserved to the high class Nobles.

At the time of issue I only asked for 3 generations back and that’s why it’s only indicated Maurizio (me) Giuseppe (my father) and Angelo (my grandfather)

If you have a different Coat of Arms for Chinappi, please comment below or submit your information to The Chinappi Family Tree

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  1. thank you for sharing this information. it will be helpful when I go and see what is on my own family crest.

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