Dell’aurora tu sorgi più bella scritto da Cosmo Magliozzi

Dell’aurora tu sorgi più bella written by Cosmo Magliozzi

I went to visit my mother today to give her some information about the Ciano family tree. My mother’s mother (my maternal grandmother) is a Ciano. While I was there listening to her stories about the history of her family, she started to tell me about her father’s side as well. Her father was a Magliozzi. Specifially, she was helping me name her father’s siblings, and then game me the names of her great uncles (her Magliozzi grandfather’s brothers).

She then told me a story about this particular uncle named Cosmo Magliozzi.

Cosmo Magliozzi lived with his wife Rosina (maiden name unknown…it may have been Patalano). They had no children of their own.

However, as a young child, my mother would take walks with her family and they would come across the home of Cosmo and Rosina. Cosmo loved children and would entertain them and some them kindness. My mother so enjoyed the company of Cosmo when her family would walk past his home.

She was young and did not even know that Cosmo was her great uncle (brother to her grandfather).

Years later she would travel back to Italy and visit with her brother that would tell her stories of the family. Her brother was also named Cosmo Magliozzi (likely a named passed down the family line, and possibly naming him for his great uncle).

Her brother would tell her about their great uncle Cosmo, and continued to describe where he lived, his wife and their friendliness to the local children. That is when my mother learned that “old Cosmo” was actually her great uncle Cosmo Magliozzi. She was pleasantly surprised.

The surprise did not end there.

Her brother went on to tell her that their great uncle Cosmo Magliozzi was the writer/composer of the song: Dell’aurora tu sorgi più bella

My mother was shocked. This was one of her most beloved religious songs and to find out it was written not only by her great uncle, but to have it discovered it was a man she adored. Today she showed me a prayer book with the hymn written inside, among many other prayers and songs.

Sadly, as a religious hymn, my great great uncle Cosmo Magliozzi was not credited in the book. I decided to try to locate the origin of the song online, and I was unable to find any information. It was just something that was known in the family, and has been passed down through the generations.

Below are the lyrics of Dell’aurora tu sorgi più bella written by the late Cosmo Magliozzi as well as youtube video of various artists performing their interpretations of the song.

If anyone reading this can help me locate a credit to Cosmo, provide me a photo of Cosmo, or a photo of his grave so I can learn more about my artist composer relative, I would be very grateful.

Dell’aurora tu sorgi più bella

Dell’aurora tu sorgi piu bella
coi tuoi raggi a far lieta la terra
e fra gli astri che il cielo rinserra
non v’e stella come te.

Gli occhi tuoi son piu fondi del mare
la tua fronte ha il profumo del giglio
il tuo viso ricorda tuo figlio
suoi tuoi passi nascon fiori.

RIT. Bella tu sei qual sole
bianca piu della luna
e le stelle piu belle
non son belle come te.

Ti coronano tutte le stelle
al tuo canto rispondera il vento
della luna si curva l’argento
si rivolge verso te.

Quando tutto d’intorno rovina e la…

original author Cosmo Magliozzi
original author Cosmo Magliozzi
original author Cosmo Magliozzi
original author Cosmo Magliozzi

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