Modi Di Dire Del Popolo Gaetano (Italian Edition) Kindle Edition Ebook

Oltre 400 modi dire del popolo gaetano raccontati e commentati da Nicola Magliocca e pubblicati a cura del nipote Nicola Tarallo.  Via AMAZON



Modi Di Dire Del Popolo Gaetano (Italian Edition) Kindle Edition Ebook

by Nicola Tarallo 

Oltre 400 modi dire del popolo gaetano raccontati e commentati da Nicola Magliocca e pubblicati a cura del nipote Nicola Tarallo.

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Publication Date : August 11, 2011
File Size : 238 KB
Print Length : 75 pages
Publisher : (August 11, 2011)
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Language: : Italian
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Nicola Tarallo has a very strong love for his hometown, and is eager to share it with everyone he meets. Besides earning a master’s degree in kinesiology from the University of Rome, Italy, Nicola also holds a Sleep Disorder Technician certificate from the Oregon Institute of Technology. Nicola studied English at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington, and at Brookhaven College in Dallas, Texas, where he also taught Italian classes. He has many American friends from his stay in the US, many of whom have visited him in Gaeta. For his friends, a visit to Nicola’s Gaeta means a personal tour of the city and a special cooking class! Nicola is also proud and pleased to extend a warm and hearty welcome to the American families stationed at the naval base in Gaeta, helping their transition to an Italian lifestyle by introducing them to the Italian culture, showing them some secret spots in his wonderful resort town, and teaching them to cook authentic Italian dishes.

All of Nicola’s books originate from his love of Gaeta and of his family: He helped his grandfather, Nicola Magliocca, draft and prepare several books about the traditions and history of Gaeta and on the unique dialect of the “Gaetanos.” He published a book of his grandmother’s poems written about their beloved Gaeta. His lifelong passion for cooking has developed throughout his life while watching and helping his grandmother and mother prepare delicious Italian dishes in the family’s kitchens. His two cookbooks, Mangia Tiella! and Mangia Dolce! showcase family recipes, many with origins in Gaeta. His most recent books are designed to help travelers find their way around his seaside town, and to get the most enjoyment out of a visit there.

Nicola has been interviewed by both Australian and American radio and his work has been sited in several well known publications such as, Yahoo Travel, Taste of Beirut, CiaoDC, Linda’s Italian Table, TimelessItaly, Primo (the largest independent national magazine for and about Italian Americans) and the Columbian. His biography appears in the February 2013 edition of International Talent Magazine.

Nicola is a true ambassador for Gaeta and a true embodiment of the Italian spirit: He is happy, helpful and excited to introduce you to the fascinating history, deep-rooted traditions, and modern day splendor of his beautiful hometown.


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