The Longest Living Chinappi

At the moment, the longest living Chinappi we have on record is

Giuseppina Chinappi

who died at 103 years old and 6 months.

Giuseppenina Chinappi was born in Gaeta, Latina, Italy on

MARCH 19 1895

She is the daughter of

Marciano chinappi (abt. 1875 -1921)
Anna Di Tucci ( ? -abt.1898)

She married

Antonio Vaudo ( ? – abt. 1914)

had one child and was then widowed

She then married

Francesco Mitrano (1898-1995)

and had 5 more children

She died SEPT 29 1998 still in Gaeta.

She is in the family tree,
but we are missing photos of most of her children
and have not updated the descendents of her children.

If you are a descendent of Giuseppenina
contact us with updated and photos
for The Chinappi Family Tree

Do you know a Chinappi that lived longer
than 103 years and 6 months?

Contact us and let us know.

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