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Family Genetics Research provides traditional and genetic genealogical research services, through DNA analysis, for adoptees looking for their birth parents as well as sibling searches, non-paternity events (NPE), donor conceived and foundlings research.

I first started researching my family in August 1990 after finding my son’s baby book with an empty family tree. For the next two years I contacted many family members by phone, went to the library and any other traditional genealogical resource I could find here in San Antonio. With my father’s line being from Memphis, Tennessee and my mother’s line being from France, it was a slow process, but I was determined to continue my research.

In 1993, I moved to Nashville Tennessee and I fell in love with the Tennessee State Library & Archives. I was able to accomplish a lot more research on my father’s side with access to the abundance of source material and those many hours over several years sharpened my research skills.

All the hours I spent researching my own family gave me the knowledge, skills and desire to start researching other people’s families. I started my own genealogical research company, The Research Company, in 1995 when the Internet was still in its infancy and you had to rely on searching census records on reels of microfilm, thumbing through actual city directory books and pages of other resources that were not online. My RootsWeb advertisement from May 03, 1996 is still online (You can view it here).

I fully embraced the introduction of DNA into genealogical research as it has brought the world of genealogical research to a new level of with genetic genealogy. I utilize both traditional and genetic genealogical research to find biological parents, adopted children, finding siblings and other missing family members my clients are looking for.

I look forward to working on your family and revealing stories and ancestors that you did not know you had and finding those long lost loved ones.

Genetic Genealogical Research

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DNA Test Results Analysis & Consultation

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Traditional Genealogical Research

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Dominique Preyer, Professional Genetic Genealogist

P.O. Box 29618, San Antonio, TX 78229

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