The Importance of a Nonna

In honor of Serafina “Dolly” Petrillo-Chinappi (1926-2017)

Auntie Jenna Nicole Darling wrote to her niece Serafina “Dolly” Darling: “One day you’ll understand the inexpiable relationship that your Great Nana (Serafina “Dolly” Petrillo-Chinappi) and I had. So blessed that you have the Nana (Flo Chinappi) you have, because you’ll be the happiest girl. You’re gonna be your Nana’s best-friend and I can’t wait to watch the relationship grow. I’ll be jealous because you have your Nana but I’m so excited to just watch this bond grow 

little Serafina Dolly Darling visits the grave of great grandmother Serafina Dolly Chinappi.

I miss you Nana Dolly. I love you so much!

Mom, I can’t wait to see the relationship that you and your grand-daughter little Serafina Dolly create with each other just like Nana Serfina Dolly and I had ! You’re already the best Nana to little Serafina. I just want you to know, you’re following in your moms footsteps. You will be Serafina’s best-friend 

Serafina Dolly Petrillo


Serafina Dolly Petrillo-Chinappi

Serafina Dolly Chinappi and daughter Flo Chinappi

Nonna Serafina Dolly and grand-daughter Jenna Nicole Darling

Serafina Dolly Darling (daughter of Ryan and Melissa)

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